Robert Wenzel, RIP 

27 May

 When Bob’s Daily Alert did not arrive in my inbox Tuesday I had an uneasy feeling there was something wrong, and when he did not post any comments on his two blogs Wednesday morning I was praying my worst fear would not be realized.  Yesterday,  Bob Wenzel’s daughter-in-law emailed one of his close friends informing him he apparently died in his sleep Monday night at age 63.  The liberty movement lost a great advocate for individual freedom and subscribers to his Daily Alert will miss his insightful–and profitable–commentary on the financial markets.  Over the years we spoke at least twice a month, and he was always upbeat and incredibly knowledgeable about the unfolding financial, economic and political developments.  Recently, I was trying to convince him to relocate to Florida instead of living in the People’s Republic of San Francisco.  I was hoping he would join us in the near future.  Bob spoke at Ramapo College and his remarks were spot on about Trump’s policies,, 

Those of us who called him a friend and colleague have a huge void in our lives.  Bob was smart, insightful and a gentleman.  He was one of a kind.  Rest in Peace, Bob.  

“It is with great personal sadness and a profound realization of the intellectual loss to the cause of liberty that I announce the death of our dear friend Robert Wenzel, publisher of the Economic Policy Journal and Target Liberty. Robert Wenzel’s two outlets, for the many in the know, were among the first websites to visit each and every morning. His Target Liberty was as eclectic and iconoclastic (when it comes to the statist status quo) as it was didactic and, yes, even entertaining. Every day, readers were left with a challenging mental lesson and also a great chuckle. Shaking our heads with … Continue reading →

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