The FBI, Hillary and Her Server

11 Dec

At a holiday party yesterday, I met the owner of a high-tech company who has been involved in the sector for more than 20 years.  He told me about his career and when he decided to create his own firm ten years ago.  We got around to talking about Hillary’s email server.  Fred (not his real name) said the FBI could have retrieved her 33,000 emails that were deleted, but did not, because he believes the Bureau was protecting her.

The FBI has become a political agency, not an objective investigate arm of the Justice Department.  The Congress should commence a special investigative unit to get to the bottom of the FBI’s role in whitewashing Hillary’s wiping her email server.

Where are the investigative journalists?

We deserve the truth.  What did Hillary wipe clean from her server, and why did the FBI bunlge the investigation.

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