Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life

18 Aug

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Author Murray Sabrin, Ph.D’s new book “Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life:” is a provocative argument for a revolution in the American health care system.

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Recent release “Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life: The Case for a Single-Payer System” from Page Publishing author Murray Sabrin, Ph.D challenges the American people to rethink their general support for the medical care status quo in the United States. Under Dr. Sabin’s system, social harmony will increase because individuals, not employers, insurance companies, nor the government, will make medical decisions that should be left to patients and their doctors.

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Murray Sabrin, Ph.D, a retired professor of Finance at Ramapo College who emigrated with his family from West Germany to the United States in 1949, earned multiple degrees including a Ph.D. in economic geography from Rutgers University, was the New Jersey Libertarian Party’s nominee for governor in 1997, and founded the Sabrin Center for Free Enterprise in the Anisfield School of Business in 2007 with his wife, Florence, has completed his new book “Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life: The Case for a Single-Payer System”: an intriguing discussion of the myriad shortcomings and unsustainability of America’s present healthcare system, and an alternative that is compatible with libertarian ideals.

Why has medical care become so complicated—and expensive? Not very long ago, an
individual would visit a doctor to be treated for an illness that could not be “cured” by
one of Grandma’s “recipes.” Whether it was a sore throat, earache, or digestive pain, Grandma usually had some homespun “medicine” to deal with a common health issue. And if Grandma’s “medicine chest” was not able to deal with a family member’s illness, a neighborhood doctor was usually available to treat working families at his office, or he would make a house call for a reasonable fee.

Fast-forward to today. Is the current system of providing medical care, namely, through employer-based insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare, the optimal methods to provide high-quality, low-cost care to all Americans?

The answer is a resounding no.

“Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life: The Case for a Single-Payer System” explains why the current system of employer-based insurance and government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare are financially untenable and yields less than optimal outcomes for patients. Yet there are calls for more top-down approaches to medical care, most notably by Senator Bernie Sanders, who has campaigned for the presidency on a Medicare for All program, essentially putting all Americans under one medical umbrella, where the government would set all the parameters for medical care.

Under the individual single-payer system outlined in Sabrin’s manifesto, every American adult would be in charge of his or her medical coverage. There would be no more conflicts regarding insurance companies or the government paying for abortion, contraception, and other controversial medical procedures and


Page Publishing, Inc. • 320 Water Street, PO Box 700 • Conneaut Lake, PA 16316 • 866-315-2708

medications. In a free market, every adult—the single payer—would pay for what he/she needs to achieve optimal health.

Published by Page Publishing, Murray Sabrin, Ph.D’s engrossing book is a detailed proposal for a new system that eliminates bureaucracy from healthcare and returns medical decisions to the individual and their medical providers.


In all of politics, there is only one question and that is, “who decides”? Should the nexus of decision making be the coercive power of the state or individuals making decisions for themselves? Only individuals working with their doctors can hold all of the information about their unique situation. This decision-making should not be abdicated to a nameless faceless bureaucracy that cannot know what is best for everyone. I worked as doctor in Canada or many years and the people there have chosen the nameless faceless bureaucracy over individual autonomy. The result is a system rife with dysfunction and a paucity of quality care. When I was Medical Director for Diagnostic Imaging in Thunder Bay, Canada, our wait time for a CT scan was seven months and for an MRI scan, it was 13 months. Many in the US desire that we go down the path of more government control of health care. Dr. Sabrin proposes a better way. One based on individual decision making empowering the sacrosanct doctor-patient relationship for the best possible care and with rational pricing predicated on competition and choice. It is time that we heed Dr. Sabrin’s advice.

Lee Kurisko MD
Author; Health Reform – The End of the American Revolution?

Dr. Sabrin’s book provides solid alternative solutions to the quagmire that has become the American medical system. The present system is too costly, too bureaucratic, and too authoritarian. Patients are often not able to choose their doctor and are forced to pay for services they do not want and cannot use. Sabrin advocates returning power to the people who actually receive the medical services. Adoption of his suggestions would go a long way toward making the medical system more affordable and responsive to the needs of the people who use medical services, which is all of us.

Robert W. McGee, JD, PhD, DSc, CPA (ret.) Fayetteville State University

Economics is our most beneficial science. Its practitioners seek to demonstrate how to increase well being for all participants in markets. They’ve delivered their promise in many of those markets, but the American medical care market is not one of them.

Economist Murray Sabrin demonstrates why. Another term for freedom of choice in markets is personal responsibility. Throughout life, we accept and embrace individual accountability as we pursue betterment for ourselves and others. Except in medical care, where we have forfeited responsibility to an array of special interests who want us to be sick. Foremost among those are governments, for whom sickness means dependency, on which they thrive. Pharmaceutical companies and insurance companies embrace sickness- as-a-business. Big food, big alcohol, and big tobacco don’t help.

Sabrin identifies two routes out of this dead end. First, personal responsibility for the pursuit of well being. Good personal practice based on readily available information about diet, nutrition, exercise, and good habits could eliminate up to 80% of chronic ill-health conditions of the US population. Second, personal responsibility for payment and use of medical services, based on the individual as single-payer, health savings accounts, catastrophic insurance, plus the charitable and community services that emerge in healthy populations, would replace the convoluted unaffordable government-designed regulatory, payment and delivery bureaucracy.

This book is deeply researched, incisively informative, logically sound, and highly persuasive about the right future for medical care in America. Since the current state is demonstrably unsustainable, Sabrin’s book is vital.

Hunter Hastings
Economics For Business, Mises Institute

“Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life” is the perfect prescription for you, if you want to understand why our medical insurance and provider industries are terminally sick. Dr. M. Sabrin (PhD.) beautifully writes on these pages the complete understanding of why it happened and where it is headed. But more importantly, he gives you the medicine to have hope, self-protect, save money and have better medical care.

Dwight Carey, serial startup entrepreneur involved with over 200 startup ventures. Professor of Entrepreneurship, Business and Engineering, Temple University

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Universal Medical Care from Conception to End of Life: The Case for a Single-Payer System” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble. All royalties from the sale of Sabrin’s book will be used to support free-market organizations and nonprofit health centers.

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