Welcoming remarks, “Why Ron Paul is Right” fundraiser, December 5

07 Dec

Welcome to the RevolutionPAC Manhattan forum and fundraiser, “Why Ron Paul is Right”… about healthcare, the Federal Reserve, the constitution, foreign policy and the economy.

I would like to thank several people whose efforts and hard work made tonight’s event possible, Gary Franchi,  Tom Woods,  Chris Rye, Mary Putnam, Paula Kramer, Gigi and Ken Bowman, Angela Thornton Canny, Keri Anne Slate,  Julia Marshall, and of course the lovely Florence Sabrin.

I would like to recognize Chris Carr, cornerback of the Baltimore Ravens.  When professional athletes are becoming political active, it proves what Ron Paul has been saying, “Something big is happening in the country.”

The Revolution PAC is dedicated to the single goal of getting Ron Paul elected.  Ron Paul’s broad appeal as a presidential candidate is amazing.  Americans who have diverse values and beliefs are rallying around his message of free enterprise and a noninterventionist foreign policy. His unifying message is the same message that our Constitution delivers; individual freedom and limited government.

Being here tonight as your host brings back memories from my childhood because I grew up a few blocks from Fulton Streeton East 8th Street.

When we arrived in America on a hot day in August 1949 who would have predicted that one day, I would be helping elect a man to the presidency of the United States more than 6 decades later.

And who could have predicted in 1959 when my parents took me to the Federal Court House a few blocks from here where I raised my right hand and swore that I would defend the constitution of the United States, that one day I would be hosting an event sponsored by a Super PAC to help elect a presidential candidate who has been true to his oath of office during his twelve terms in the House of Representatives—to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States.

It is quite appropriate we are holding this event a couple of weeks before Hanukkah, the festival of lights and Christmas.

Chanukah, the festival of lights, is celebrated based on the story of a miracle, enough olive oil for only one day lit candles in the Second Temple for eight days as it was being cleansed from Roman desecration.  In short, miracles happen.

Other miracles have happened in recent memory.  When I began my college teaching career in 1985 who would have thought, the Berlin Wall would come down, East Europe would be liberated and the Soviet Union would collapse within seven years.  Yet all these events happened before our eyes.  Miracles happen.

Many pundits, including that insightful political analyst, Donald Trump, assert that Ron Paul will not win the GOP presidential nomination, let alone be a serious contender for the presidency.

However, in 2004 who would have predicted that a relatively young, black Chicago politician elected to the United States Senate would win the Democratic nomination for president in 2008 against the formidable Clinton political machine and easily win the presidency later that year against a long time career politician.  Miracles happen.  In this case, the election of Barack Obama was a miracle for his supporters but a nightmare for the country.

Obama’s devotion to the welfare-warfare state is hastening the day of reckoning.  That’s why we need to elect Ron Paul, president of the United States, who has devoted the last three and half decades of his life working to restore the principles of our nation—limited government, sound money, civil liberties and a noninterventionist foreign policy.

Now let’s consider the election prospects of Ron Paul as the GOP presidential nominee.  The most recent poll inIowashows that he has been moving steadily up in the polls and is in striking distance of winning the Iowa caucuses.  As our speakers will explain Ron Paul’s election to the presidency is not only a moral imperative but also a practical necessity.

Christmas will be celebrated in 20 days and Ron Paul’s candidacy is in many ways a reflection of Jesus’ teachings–peace, freedom, charity and humility.  Yet, in nation with tens of millions of Christians, some of the most vitriolic comments about Ron Paul come from those who profess to live by the words of the New Testament and the Ten Commandments.  In addition, there individual of the Jewish faith as well who have engaged in incredible character assassination of one of the most gentle, kind, smart, honorable and caring individuals who has ever served in the Congress of the Unites States.

I have known Ron Paul for nearly three decades and can attest to all the qualities we should want in a president, especially his passion for liberty.

So again thank you for being here.  Your support for the RevolutionPAC’s efforts will help Ron Paul win the GOP presidential nomination and then the presidency.

The election of Ron Paul would not be a personal triumph—he is too modest for self-congratulations–but a victory for the American people.

We need to elect Ron Paul president of the United States.  As Bishop Fulton J. Sheen remarked, “We do not need a voice that is right when everyone else is right. We need a voice that is right when everyone else is wrong.”

Ron Paul is that voice.

And when Ron Paul is inaugurated president on January 20, 2013, I hope he invokes the words of Thomas Jefferson who said in his first inaugural address,

“… a wise and frugal Government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government….”

With your support of the RevoultionPac, we can help elect Ron Paul president of the United States, who will be able to rally the country around the limited government principles of Thomas Jefferson.




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