Ungrateful New Yorkers: Praise the Lord for Mayor Bloomberg

14 Jun

Michael Bloomberg’s net worth of $22 billion makes him the 11th richest person in America; he is also serving in his third term as mayor of the nation’s largest city.   If you have a net worth of $22 billion, you are one hell of a smart person with an IQ greater than the average Joe or Jane.

Recently, the Mayor has proposed a ban on the sale of 32 ounce soda containers, citing the large number of obese New Yorkers.  The New York City board of Health, which will consider the Mayor’s soda ban proposal, may also consider limits on the sale of other foods like milk shakes and popcorn.

Needless to say, reaction to the Mayor Bloomberg’s so-called Nanny State approach to the obesity “epidemic” in New York has been mixed.  Get over it New Yorkers, Mayor Bloomberg is only doing what he is elected to do—protect you from your gluttony, lack of self-control and the burdens you place on the health care system.

The Mayor is doing what any progressive elected official should be doing, banning all sorts of bad things.  Mayor Bloomberg who oozes compassion from every pore of his body should be banning dozens of bad foods and activities, from high salt foods, to gambling, to alcohol, to smoking everywhere in the Big Apple, to sex outside of marriage, to teenagers having babies out of wedlock, especially females of color whose children will have a tendency to join gangs when they grow up, to vehicles travelling more than 30 miles per hour within city limits, to sitting in front of a television or computer more than one hour a day mindlessly surfing the Net or watching nonsensical sitcoms or listening to babbling talking heads.    And the list goes on and on.

In other words, Mayor Bloomberg is on to something big–eliminating all the bad things in life to create Utopia in New York City, so he can demonstrate once-and-for-all the power of government to create a virtually perfect society.

New Yorkers should rejoice that Mayor Mike is at the helm.  This man who has demonstrated his care and concern for the people of New York since he was first elected mayor in 2001 should remain in office as long as he wants.  In fact, New Yorkers should demand that Michael Bloomberg be mayor for life.

All New Yorkers should hop on the bandwagon right now, Mayor Bloomberg uber alles.  He knows how to take of his children, oops, make that his constituents.   As far as the recalcitrant New Yorkers who think their freedoms are being taken away from them.  Remember Mayor Bloomberg is a lot smarter than you are.  He knows what his best for the citizens of New York.  Stop whining and remember the greater good.    That’s what America is all about now.

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