Abolish Legal Plunder-End the Empire-Restore Free Enterprise

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Tax cuts are good, replenishing the TTF is good and spending cuts are good

Tax cuts do not have to be “paid for.”  All tax cuts are good because they are steps toward economic freedom–and with economic freedom comes greater prosperity. Gov. Christie is not showing any leadership.  Why he is obsessed with a sales tax cut is incomprehensible.  Eventually, all taxes should be cut.  In the meantime, there is a proposal on the table that reduces several onerous taxes.  Get on board governor.

“In another great example of how things work in Trenton, it’s time for legislators to act on the only thing that remotely makes sense and override Christie.”

Source: Least bad option is only real choice now on gas tax battle | Moran

Hillary and Donald on foreign policy

“Unlike Donald Trump, the Democratic nominee’s ideas are frighteningly clear.”

Source: Hillary Clinton’s Dangerously Coherent Foreign Policy –

“No one is more of a warmonger than Hillary Clinton herself!” Jill Stein

The Green Party nominee will attract Bernie’s voters. 

“The release of those emails showing the DNC conspiring against Bernie Sanders sent the pro-Bernie demonstrators into a frenzy; Green Party activist Jill Stein made a play for their votes…”

Source: DNC 2016: for the demonstrators, it was like Woodstock – including the rain | Mulshine |

Tim Kaine promises bill to legalize illegal immigrants in ‘first 100 days’

The solution to illegal immigration is simple. If you came to America without following the rules, you can stay in the country but can never become a citizen and therefore a voter.  In other words, you become a permanent guest in America.  If you are undocumented and commit a crime, you will be deported ASAP.  You must get a sponsor who will vouch for your character and be responsible for your “welfare” ASAP.  Therefore, as a guest in America you will not be eligible for any  entitlement benefits.   You will be able to work, start a business and raise a family just like legal immigrants. Guests would  still have to pay income, sales and other taxes just like other Americans. Children born in the US of guests do not automatically become citizens.  They are eligible for citizenship when they reach a certain age–to be negotiated.

As far as Social Security and Medicare taxes and benefits are concerned, this is where it gets tricky.  My preference is to exempt permanent guests from these taxes and benefits so we can begin phasing out the welfare state.  However, this would make it very attractive for employers to hire guests instead of legal citizens.  So the solution is to eliminate these taxes for all young workers in order to have a “level playing field” for citizens and guests.  Other issues can be negotiated by the next president and Congress.  

This will put on notice to anyone around the world that if you come to America in the future, uyou will be deported if you overstay your visa or enter the country surreptitiously. 

The general principle is illegal immigrants should not be rewarded for jumping ahead of others who have waited years to enter American legally.  

PS This issue could drive more voters to Trump in November.

“A new Clinton administration would pursue a bill to legalize illegal immigrants in “the first 100 days” of her tenure, vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine told Spanish-language network Telemundo in…”

Source: Tim Kaine promises bill to legalize illegal immigrants in ‘first

Top Republicans Backing Hillary Clinton

Insiders for big government. 

“More than 30 well-known Republicans have vowed to support Democrat Hillary Clinton over Republican Donald Trump in the presidential election.”

Source: Top Republicans Backing Hillary Clinton

Do over, do over!

DNC issues apology to Bernie about the rigged process. Too late. If Bernie had cajones, he would demand a do over of the primaries. At least, he should call for the super delegates to abstain from voting at the convention. Let the games begin.

Hillary Clinton: Class President of A Failed Generation

“NOTE TO READERS I am in the throes of finishing a book on the upheaval represented by the Trump candidacy and movement. It is an exploration of how 30 years of Bubble Finance policies at the Fed, f…”

Source: Hillary Clinton: Class President of A Failed Generation | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Why is Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz Not Charged with a Crime?

Where is the justice?  A two tier “justice” system in America. No wonder the natives are restless! 

Source: Why is Debbie Blabbermouth-Schultz Not Charged with a Crime?

What to Expect from a Clinton Presidency: Anti-Libertarian Activism

A thirst for power and money.  That’s Michael Rozeff’s assessment of Hillary

Source: What to Expect from a Clinton Presidency: Anti-Libertarian Activism

The Dems are being exposed by Wikileaks…

“Julian Assange has done it again: exposed the inner workings – and crimes – of our political class, that is. This time his target is Hillary Clinton and the Democratic National Committee, whose emails were hacked by a Romanian who calls himself “Guccifer 2.0,” and posted online by WikiLeaks. As revelations tumble out of the …”

Source: The Hunt for Red Trump-tober – Original by —

Stock market on borrowed time?

“If you’re riding the record breaking S&P 500 rally, you’ll want to see this chart.”

Source: This chart shows the market rally is in jeopardy: Money manager

Down with “Leadership”: Against the Election | Mises Institute

“The opening lecture of Mises University 2016. Recorded at the Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama, on 24 July 2016.”

Source: Down with “Leadership”: Against the Election | Mises Institute

The Public Pension Problem: It’s Much Worse Than It Appears | Manhattan Institute

“When financial markets slumped in 2008, the assets in government-worker pension funds plunged and public sector retirement debt soared. Although pension officials rushed to assure the public that their funds would recover as soon as stocks rebounded, the long bull market that began the following year didn’t do much to cut states steep retirement debt. Most state and local pension funds closed the books on their latest fiscal year on June 30… early returns suggest that the industry fell well short of its lofty investment goals.”  Read the rest by clicking on the link.

Source: The Public Pension Problem: It’s Much Worse Than It Appears | Manhattan Institute

Calling Bernie, read this book

“Last month, Philipp Bagus and Andreas Marquart released their new book…”

Source: Our Monetary System Favors the Rich and Hurts the Poor | Mises Wire

America Needs a Dose of Strong, but Necessary Medicine

The Fed’s easy money policies always ends in a bust…the sooner the better. 

Source: America Needs an Old-Fashioned Depression