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What a Clinton presidency means

18 Oct

“So many things are now known about the media establishment and the collusion it shares with the Clinton campaign. More things are being found out every day as Wikileaks provides proof of the public perception. The people were right, there is a conspiracy to keep them uninformed and misinformed.”

Source: A Vote For Treason


The bigotry of the Clintonistas

15 Oct

Pat Buchanan calls them out. 

Source: Sneering Contempt of Liberal Elites

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Modern liberals are illiberal

14 Oct

Source: American Idiocracy


This sums up Hillary.

13 Oct

Source: Dictatress in Waiting


Hillary’s egregious hypocrisy

08 Oct

Source: Hillary’s Hyper-Mysogynistic Saudi Benefactors and Supporters Must Be Laughing Their Gutras Off . . .

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It’s war, stupid

30 Sep

“The year was 1956: the icy winds of the cold war were blowing across the political landscape. And it was a presidential election year, pitting the internationalist Republican Dwight Eisenhower against Adlai Stevenson, the darling of the Democratic party’s left wing. The “isolationist” faction of the GOP, led by Sen. Robert A. Taft, had been […]”

Source: Libertarianism and War – Original


My Sept. 27 interview about Trump, Clinton and presidential politics

29 Sep

“As we have seen in the past 4 years and all throughout history, socialism doesn’t work. Quite frankly most of us understand the principle of redistribution of wealth is a robinhood effect. 6 years after the…”

Source: We’re Back! What’s Life Like Under A Trump Presidency


Judge Napolitano makes the case against Hillary.  Trump does not measure up, however.  

29 Sep

Source: She Clobbered Him

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Better than a Gun Free Zone

25 Sep

Source: How to End Gun Violence at Schools

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Doing immigration the right way

20 Sep

Source: Missing Ingredient to Solving the Refugee Crisis: Common Sense | MishTalk

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A case for abolishing The Pledge

02 Sep

“The Pledge of Allegiance is not an expression of patriotism. It is a loyalty oath that one normally associates with totalitarian regimes. People who love freedom, should be appalled by the idea our…”

Source: Can We Please Get Rid of the Pledge?

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Revolt of the masses?

01 Sep

every-generation-needs-revolution“Hillary represents everything that has gone wrong in our lives over the last couple of decades…she sees the European Union as a prototype for an even bigger form of world government…what we’ve done is given inspiration to freedom fighters right across the Western World.”

Source: Nigel Farage Warns “The Establishment Is Losing Control Over The People”


You can just call me Jeff

20 Jul

Tom DiLorenzo sent me a copy of his new book, The Problem With Socialism, with the following inscription.  You can hear Tom Woods interview Tom here.  This book should be a best seller based on my review of the contents.   I will read it ASAP and discuss it in a future post. 

Tom's kind words


An insightful assessment of our political culture

16 Jul

Law professor Butler Shaffer tells it like it is regarding our anti-humane culture.

Source: Thought Control

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End the “war on drugs”

14 Jul

Prohibition creates black markets and the deaths of innocent people throughout the country by the police hell bent on fighting this “war.”  Despicable  collateral damage.  Where is the supposed compassion of our elected officials and judges?

“Nickoy Ellis was sentenced to five years in NJ state prison for charges including official misconduct, according to authorities.”

Source: Former NJ corrections officer smuggled drugs into prison, authorities say

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