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Bernie Sanders caves in to Hillary

13 Jul

Bernie is not leading a revolution.  He is grasping for power. 

Source: Target Liberty: The Sanders “Revolution” Was Just Put To Sleep


This would have been Ron Paul’s year

12 Jul

Timing is everything in politics.  Ron would get at least 20% of the vote in November if he were the Libertarian Party nominee.

“The last time people were this dissatisfied with presidential candidates, Ross Perot became a third-party success story. This year, however, there are new hurdles for outsiders.”

Source: Americans Really Dislike Trump, Clinton. So Why Aren’t Third Parties Doing Better?


Supreme Court Justices are not political. Ha.

12 Jul

If Trump wins, she should resign from the Court. 

“Justices don’t weigh in on presidential elections for a reason.”

Source: In bashing Donald Trump, some say Ruth Bader Ginsburg just crossed a very important line – The Washington Post

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Private security…responding to consumer demand

11 Jul

How a free, decentralized society would keep people and neighborhoods safe. 


“Abolition of the public sector means, of course, that all pieces of land, all land areas, including streets and roads, would be owned privately, by individuals, corporations, cooperatives, or any other voluntary groupings of individuals and capital.”

Source: Privatize the Police | Mises Wire

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The key to a peaceful world

11 Jul

“National and individual choice in a post-Brexit world: secession is a human right.”

Source: All People Have the Right of Self Determination | Foundation for Economic Education


Hillary is continuing the great tradition of presidential candidates…

09 Jul

Presidential candidates and presidents always lie. For the past 100+ years, from Wilson to FDR to Truman and up to Obama, they have lied repeatedly about taxes, spending, regulations, and war.  (More to come in future posts)

“Does Hillary Clinton possess the integrity and honesty to be president of the United States? Or are those quaint and irrelevant considerations in electing a head of state in 21st-century America?”

Source: Is Hillary Morally Fit to Be President?


Gary Johnson is no Ron Paul

09 Jul

What were Libertarians thinking when they nominated Gary Johnson for President?

“Where are libertarians going? What is clear is where they are not going. The much-touted “libertarian moment,” as a New York Times Magazine article phrased it two years ago, never materialized. …”

Source: Who’s the Libertarian Now?


Hillary is no “moderate”

08 Jul

Hillary is Bernie Sanders in a pants suit, according to Tom DiLorenzo.

Source: The Real Problem With Hillary – LewRockwell


The real global battle for power

07 Jul

Global poltlical and financial elites are up to no good.  

“When elitist criminals start openly admitting to their schemes it means that they are ready to pull the plug on the current system. They simply don’t care anymore who knows their plans because they think that victory is inevitable.”

Source: Globalists Are Now Openly Demanding New World Order Centralization


ACLU: It’s time to legalize prostitution

06 Jul

If the nation’s oldest civil libertarian organization was consistent, they would be advocating more libertarian proposals. Then, the freedom/liberty revolution would have a great ally. 

“It’s time to stop sweeping consenting adult sex workers into the criminal justice system. We need models that protect their rights, their health and their safety.”

Source: ACLU: It’s time to legalize prostitution | Opinion

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Ron Paul tells it like it is over the years

05 Jul

Source: Proclaim Liberty Throughout The Land…


The evolution of left wing ideology…

05 Jul

…and why it is an enemy of humanity, liberty and decency.


Source: The Unique Evil of the Left

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Decentralization is the wave of the future

04 Jul

Secession is in the air.  That means no more political hacks running our lives.

Source: What Would Thomas Jefferson Be Celebrating Today?

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American independence: a crony capitalist event?

04 Jul

Historian Gary North digs deeper into the Boston Tea Party.

“It was part of the most famous marketing campaign in American history”

Source: The Declaration of Independence: America’s Most Famous Direct-Response Ad

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