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Why Trump has been successful so far

12 Jul

Donald is the anti-PC candidate

“The late Molly Ivins and I didn’t agree on much, but we did agree on opposition to political correctness; But this year the p.c. mentality has infected media coverage of Donald Trump”

Source: The perils of political correctness: Donald Trump can’t say that, can he? | Mulshine


Thinking the unthinkable. November election postponed or cancelled?

10 Jul

“The white trucks, equipped with large off-road tyres, were seen being transported on Interstate 81 on Friday. One online community wondered if the U.N. was preparing for an economic collapse.”

Source: Virginia motorists spot white UN ‘combat vehicles’ on the interstate | Daily Mail Online

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The financial hole of state and local governments

09 Jul

And people still have faith in government–and Republicans and Democrats???  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  The federal government’s unfunded liability is more than $200 trillion. 

“If the Actuarial Standards Board enacts recommendations from its Pension Task Force, actuarial valuations for state and local government pensions will report unfunded liabilities of over $5 trillion a…”

Source: Are State and Local Government Pensions Underfunded by $5 Trillion? – AEI

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Hillary is continuing the great tradition of presidential candidates…

09 Jul

Presidential candidates and presidents always lie. For the past 100+ years, from Wilson to FDR to Truman and up to Obama, they have lied repeatedly about taxes, spending, regulations, and war.  (More to come in future posts)

“Does Hillary Clinton possess the integrity and honesty to be president of the United States? Or are those quaint and irrelevant considerations in electing a head of state in 21st-century America?”

Source: Is Hillary Morally Fit to Be President?


Gary Johnson is no Ron Paul

09 Jul

What were Libertarians thinking when they nominated Gary Johnson for President?

“Where are libertarians going? What is clear is where they are not going. The much-touted “libertarian moment,” as a New York Times Magazine article phrased it two years ago, never materialized. …”

Source: Who’s the Libertarian Now?


There is a double standard. Comey gets it wrong.

07 Jul

“Whistleblower Edward Snowden is drawing attention for his reaction to FBI Director James Comey’s decision not to recommend criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of private email servers.”

Source: Edward Snowden: Hillary Clinton Broke Classification Rules

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Hillary’s uninspiring campaign

03 Jul

Hillary’s message is really quite simple:  “I am a woman.  I want to be president.  It’s my turn. Now get on board!

“It’s a failure that some Democratic insiders find perplexing”

Source: Hillary struggles with going big in campaign message

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Why they fear the Clintons?

03 Jul

Tom DiLorenzo may have the answer why the Clintons are the “Teflon couple”

“One of the first of thousands of Clinton administration scandals was that they were caught illegally in possession of hundreds of FBI files of all the Republicans in D.C.  We can assume that these were used by the Clintons to do as much political blackmailing as they could get away with.  There is no reason to believe that they don’t still have this information, and that they have gathered much more, using their vast wealth to have hired private investigators, something they were well known for doing.  When I was asked two months ago at a conference if I thought Hillary would be prosecuted, I said “no,” I expect that she will blackmail her way out of it.”


Source: LRC Blog

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Hillary Clinton Really Has Not Understood the Brexit Vote

27 Jun

Hillary is supposed to be one of the smartest women in the US and on the planet.  More evidence she is clueless.  


“As one who campaigned for a number of years for yesterday’s Brexit vote, that Britain should leave the European Union, of course I am not unbiased upon this subject. However, that also does mean that I’m aware, well informed even, on what actually happened here. And as such I can […]”

Source: Hillary Clinton Really Has Not Understood the Brexit Vote

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Geege Will takes his “marbles” home

26 Jun

GOP primary voters have spoken and poor Georges doesn’t like it.  Can’t have the people choose their nominee.  


Paul Ryan’s endorsement of Trump one of the factors that drove him away.

Source: ‘This Is Not My Party’: George Will Goes from GOP to Unaffiliated | PJ Media

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The Libertarian Party is dead. RIP

23 Jun

Justin Raimondo tweets about the CNN town hall with Gary Johnson and William Weld.

Source: Target Liberty: TOTAL ABORTION The “Libertarian” Town Hall Event on CNN

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Abolish political parties

12 Jun

In her column today Montclair State University political science and law professor Brigid Callahan Harrison calls for New Jersey state GOP to disavow Donald Trump’s presidential run. Prof. Harrison asserts that Trump’s intemperate remarks about Judge  Gonzalo Curiel, who was presiding over a lawsuit against Trump University, is enough reason for Republicans to abandon the Donald’s unorthodox campaign for the president.

At the end of her column Harrison quotes House Speaker Paul Ryan who states that the presidential campaign should be about ideas, not personal attacks. I totally agree.  Presidential candidates should offer their “vision” for the Nation and let the voters decide who should occupy the Oval Office.  So instead of two major political parties dominating the presidential campaign, let’s abolish political parties and have individuals run for the presidency on the vision thing.  Let’s eliminate presidential party primaries and have candidates go directly to the people in a general election campaign.

In this year’s race for the White House we would have several Democrats and more than a dozen Republicans trying to win the hearts and minds of the American people.   As far as how this will play out of  in the electoral college is anyone’s guess. However, shortening the political campaign would be a great relief to the American people.  And presidential candidates would be forced not to rely on the party bosses to grab their respective parties nomination but go directly to the American people for support.

With a substantial number of Americans unhappy with the presumptive choices who will be the Democratic and Republican nominees,  abolishing political parties would create a more level playing field in the presidential campaign.

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