Rep. Ron Paul easily wins CPAC straw poll…. God bless George W. Bush and Barack Obama

21 Feb

Texas congressman  and 2008 GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul won the 2012 presidential straw poll at the annual Conservative Political Action Conference yesterday, easily beating Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin and the other presidential wannabes.   More than half of the attendees were under 25, which means they have been reading about economics, money and banking, the Fed, foreign policy and the U.S. constitution.  In other words, they have immersed themselves in the freedom philosophy, unlike their elders and the political hacks who occupy positions of power within the GOP and serve in Congress. 

As Ron Paul said is his talk at CPAC, he is optimistic because the people are demanding that their God-given rights– life, liberty and property– be protected by government.  In addition, as every day passes, more Americans are realizing that  the welfare-warfare state is one big scam, perpetuated by both political parties to plunder the American people.

And who can we thank for the Second American Revolution?  No other than George W. Bush, who gave us No Child Left Behind, a massive expansion of the bankrupt Medicare program with prescription drugs coverage, the Patriot Act, Wall Street and corporate bailouts, humongous money printing. massive deficits and preemptive war.  In short, George W. Bush accelerated the collapse of the welfare-warfare state.

Unfortunately, hundred of thousands of innocent Iraqis and Afghans have been killed, the unconscionable cost of preserving the federal government’s global empire.  In addition, tens of  thousand of American soldiers have been killed or wounded implementing Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy of massive intervention to “spread democracy.”

And what has Barack Obama given us?  Change!!  George W. Bush’s policies squared, make they cubed.  History will write that the Bush-Obama era hastened the end of the 100 year experiment in big government.

Whether Ron Paul runs for president and wins is immaterial, the handwriting is on the wall.  Change is coming… the demise of the welfare-warfare state.

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