Sheriff Larkin Must Go!

23 Feb

Sherriff Larkin must go: no ifs ands or buts

According to published reports, Mercer County Sheriff Kevin Larkin entered the Political Science class of associate professor Michael Glass at Mercer County College to have a “chat” with him about statements he made regarding the “double-dipping” law enforcement officer. It seems the Sheriff is collecting a pension of $85,000 and a salary of $129,634 for the same job.

As Peter Hansen at recounts the incident:, “Sheriff Kevin C. Larkin entered Prof. Michael Glass’s West Windsor campus classroom during a lecture, called him by his first name, took him out in the hall, had a little chit-chat with him, marched him back in, and got the good professor to apologize for talking about Larkin, who stood real close to him the whole time. Even then, he left saying “”this isn’t over.’ ”

Without going into all the details that have been reported by the Mercer County College’s College Voice newspaper, Sheriff Larkin’s conduct reveals he is a thug—with a badge and a gun. Even though Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes said: “I talked with the Sheriff. He knows it was a mistake, and I think he realizes he shouldn’t have done that,” an apology is insufficient.”

Sheriff Larkin must be fired immediately, his pension reduced, and if he broke any laws, he must spend some time in the slammer for abusing his power.

Think of what the “out of control” Sheriff could have done. In the hallway chat with Professor Glass Sheriff Larkin could have pulled his revolver and shot Glass claiming self defense. If there were no witnesses in the hallway, the Sheriff could have gotten away with murder. Larkin’s behavior as a law enforcement officer was despicable and he violated his oath to be an impartial defender of the law. There is no place in law enforcement for individuals with Sheriff Larkin’s temperament.

If Larkin remains on the job, we should change the name of New Jersey to New Germany circa 1930s. County Executive Hughes should fire Larkin immediately and if he does not have the guts, then the New Jersey Attorney General or Governor Christie should step in and give the ill mannered and ill tempered Sheriff the heave ho.

And as far as the student in Professor Glass’ class, Brooke Seidl, who sent a text message to Sheriff Larkin about the professor’s remarks, she should be expelled from Mercer Community College and fired form her County Clerk position. Seidl owes Professor Glass a very public apology.

If former New York Giants’ wide receiver, Plaxico Burress, can receive a jail sentence for shooting himself with an “illegal gun,” then the law should punish Sheriff Larkin for harassment, intimidation and abuse of power. Will justice prevail in Mercer County? Stay tuned.

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  1. on A Moose

    March 2, 2010 at 8:03 am

    I retired from New Jersey law enforcement fifteen years ago and moved far away to another state. I disagree with your call for the County Executive to “fire” the sheriff. As of the time of my exodus from the Tax and Spend State the sheriff was an elected office with specific Constitutional duties and powers.

    I do agree that Larkin’s actions should be investigated by the State AG’s Office and, if he violated the law or his oath of office, he should be prosecuted.